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What Kinds of Wine Should You Be Drinking This Summer?

During the summer months, you have the opportunity to try some new wines while enjoying the warm weather and your time outdoors. Of course, if you’re not familiar with what kinds of wine are out there, you might feel overwhelmed and nervous about choosing one that’s good enough to enjoy during these months when wine tastes better than ever! To help you decide what kinds of wines you should be drinking this summer, here are some suggestions to get you started and help guide your choices!

1: The Best Wines from Around The World

Wine tasting can be one of life’s true joys, especially when it comes to all of those interesting facts that make you sound like a wine aficionado. But in truth, wine isn’t quite as simple as we want it to be there are lots of rules and regulations around what wines can legally be called. A seemingly small difference between two wines from two different regions can result in big flavor differences (that is if you know what you’re looking for). So how do you separate decent wines from great ones? And how do you choose which kind to buy at the store or order at a restaurant? The first step is learning about wine 101 basics and then practicing with your favorite kind: red.

2: Most Popular Types

One of your best bets for summer wine is a wine that’s based on red grapes. The following are some of the most popular, tried and true varieties: Merlot Pinot noir Cabernet Sauvignon Zinfandel Shiraz Syrah Riesling Grenache Tempranillo Rosé (of any variety) White wines also do quite well in warmer weather. Some of your best options include Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Chenin Blanc, and Gewurztraminer. If you want to mix things up and try something new, then consider Gruner Veltliner or Pinot Gris. Both will provide you with a delightfully fruity taste that may surprise you!

3: Five Affordable Wines Perfect for Parties

What kinds of wine should you be drinking when you’re hosting a party? Read on to learn about five affordable wines perfect for summer soirees. From rosé to rose, we cover it all. Take a sip and get ready for tips on how to pull off your next great party. Wine tasting isn’t just about Napas Valley, now you can taste different wines in your own home, thanks to today’s technology that simplifies wine making. And since more people have started having parties again, there’s more demand for affordable wines and other alcoholic beverages that are made in high volume. With these five affordable wines, serving them at your next shindig will keep costs down while still offering guests something unique and delicious.

4: How To Store

All wines are best when stored at between 55-68 degrees F and 50% humidity. For white wines, that’s your refrigerator; for reds, it’s a wine cooler. Certain red wines can be stored in wood barrels to bring out their flavor and bouquet. If you’re going to do that, make sure they don’t sit too long no more than two years. The corks on those bottles will start drying out if you let them sit too long without drinking them. If you have an old bottle of wine and want to see if it still has some life left in it, pour about a half inch into a glass and leave it sitting for about 30 minutes before tasting. If there is any sediment on top of your glass after 30 minutes then you should probably just dump out whatever is left because all of what’s under there is not worth drinking!

5: A Cool Way to Chill Out

For some people, alcohol is simply an enjoyable drink. For others, a glass of wine or beer is more like a piece of art. If you fall into that camp, it’s important to choose your beverages carefully. Not only should your choice of wine compliment your meal, but it should also be safe to consume on a hot day if you plan on enjoying it outdoors in 90-degree weather (because how else are you supposed to get vitamin D?!). Many factors go into choosing a good summer wine but here are some basic guidelines: Choose a Sauvignon Blanc. Sauvignon Blanc is a light-bodied white wine with intense tropical fruit notes and sometimes grassy flavor undertones.

6: The Signature Drink of Every Country in The World

Traveling is a great way to explore new cultures and try new things, from food to music to fashion. And it’s no different for wine. Part of being an informed wine drinker is knowing what goes with what and since you’re probably not going to be heading off to France anytime soon, start your education by finding out which wines are commonly produced in your own country. The infographic below offers a useful overview of every country on earth and details which grape varietals are dominant in each place.

7: Fun Facts About Your Favorite Summer Drinks

Did you know that there are over 35 different varieties of wine grapes? From Chardonnay to Gewürztraminer, wine is a versatile drink that comes in many different styles. While these range from dry to sweet and red to white, one thing is certain: wine makes for a great summer beverage. Whether you’re hosting a party or just enjoying a glass after a long day, each variety offers its unique taste and presentation. The following infographic will teach you all about your favorite summer wines. Cheers!

8: Top Popsicle Cocktails Around the World

Sip your way to cool weather with these Popsicle inspired cocktails. Now that it’s finally warm out, and you can look forward to poolside drinks without having to bundle up, it’s time to have some fun! Whether you love Vodka soda or classic Margaritas, there is a popsicle-inspired cocktail for every taste. We found them in bars all over the world and we think they are delicious ways to shake up summer cocktails. Read on for our top 10 picks and recipes or click through each slide for more options by country. Cheers! The Ice Skyline: For those who want something sweet but don’t want to lose any of their liquor-love in’ street cred, try an Ice Skyline. It takes two parts vodka (use Belvedere if you’re feeling fancy) and one part lime juice (freshly squeezed if you’re feeling fancy), along with triple sec and Sprite. Combine in a shaker filled with ice, give it a good shake then strain into a glass rimmed with sugar (or rimming salt). Garnish with fresh fruit slices and serve.

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